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G.A. West & Co. Inc., employs as many local personnel as possible with relation to the construction project location. Whatever the skyline, building or experience that first sparked your interest in construction, we are pleased that you are interested in G.A. West.

Every G.A. West project starts with a team of dedicated employees. We are looking for individuals who are eager to develop their skills and apply them together to create the buildings where people play, work, learn and live. Because our success depends on the experience and quality of our team members, we focus on attracting and retaining the best people.

We’d love to have you be a part of our team!

Scaffold helpers assist scaffold journeyman in the erection and construction of platforms. 

A scaffold builder's primary responsibilities are the construction and dismantling of scaffolding (the temporary platforms used in construction). Typical responsibilities also include determining amount of materials, identifying appropriate construction locations and transporting scaffolding materials.

Scaffold builders do not require any formal education, though they must know basic math and be able to follow instructions. Many scaffold builders are carpenters who have learned their skills on the job, and they may hold a special certification in scaffold building.

Scaffold builders often work on very tall buildings, and must be comfortable working at such heights.